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The not so good side of the Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony

It is already known to the whole world that the actual singer of the Opening  Ceremony was not the cute little girl but another girl at back stage who is considered to be less cute. The organizer claimed that this is done to maintain the good image of the ceremony and how true could that be. What happened to the spirit of Olympic itself where there should be no difference in colors, language and the country we come from. The one world one dream did not materialize on the opening itself. Obviously they forgot how unethical the move was and decided to carry on for the image of the game. Guess now the image is already damaged by the move itself

Hopefully during the Closing Ceremony the real singer will be given the chance to go up on stage and sing just the it should be. Despite what kind of opinion people may have on individual appearance, the truth of the game will certainly make everything else beautiful.


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