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A town too far

Blog is a good way for us to share our interest with other people who has the same interest or with people from the same town. I came across some photos from one of the blog about Sarikei in Sarawak and it has brought back a lot of memories during the days of my childhood in the town. It has been for 2 decades now since I left the town but the memories still remain.


Image from Sarikei Time Capsule

Image from Sarikei Time Capsule

This is the type of house that were common those days with no gates with tropical trees and mowed grass. People used to jog around and children went out to play with their friends who were also their neighbors. Children used to be very free to run with no fear of any danger in the street or worries of the never ending examinations in schools or  failing to score a full As in their final exam. It was just about growing like normal children running around or play any kind of games available at that time and all the neighbor’s children were our friends. Those days we were not in really a hurry to grow up, we took our time.


Image from Sarikei Time Capsule

Image from Sarikei Time Capsule

I’m sure that these kind of sceneries still exist in Sarikei. It just make us appreciate the way we used to live in our early days to be able to enjoy another different moment that we cannot enjoy today. We live in high rise apartments with common lifts but hardly talk to our neighbors. We have our door firmly locked with iron bars, fearing of any break in or theft but actually we are losing our freedom like in those days. We live in fear even we afraid to talk to our neighbor fearing that our friendship is not welcome. Our ego made us lose our human value. But what do we have to lose by saying hello or giving a smile, nothing but a lot more to gain. I pledged that I will return to this town again, trying to bring back more memories and finding my lost friends.


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