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Why procrastinate

It is just the behavior of human being that like to procrastinate. Procrastination is the type of human behavior that defer action or task to a later time. Often we will reason some standard reason like we are too busy at the moment or the time is not right. Very often we hear people say that they are still waiting for other in order to response but actually someone is actually waiting for someone and the result is no one is doing nothing. Another it is just a lazy way to make excuse and at the same time not feel guilty about it.

Many of us are not sensitive to the time we have. Time is actually the most valuable assets in a human life. How we spend time will determine the journey of our life. If we fill it with joy and useful stuffs then our life will be filled with happy moments and events. If we wait for the right moment to come then we will never see the right moment because the right moment will never come. The right moment is now, the present, the moment when we live it is the present, the right moment and the right time. What we do now will determine tomorrow so if we do not shape our tomorrow now, there will be no tomorrow, so we cannot wait for things to happen tomorrow, we must act now to build tomorrow.

As a human being I procrastinate a lot in my life. Not too long ago I was having a conversation with a friend and suddenly a question popped up if I am happy to where I am now. Obviously the answer is a big no although I have been thinking of making the right move. And the thinking has been going on for years now that it just become some kind of a routine in the morning when I wake up but when the day end at night, nothing is being done and the next day it will be just routine again. Until now I am so tired and wasted so much of the precious time I had during those years.

If we have something we want to achieve in life, do not delay in your decision making because every moment count. Make it count and make it happen………………


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