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What lies ahead?

It has been quite an eventful week and I was very much occupied with my work, presentations and some big company events are coming in the next few days. For most of the sports fans, I’m sure everybody glued to their TV sets last night watching the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic and it was one of the best Opening Ceremony of any sporting event with fireworks and finest performance shown last night. It is a great achievement for China and Beijing. Maybe the Olympic Opening Ceremony is one of the events everybody is waiting for.

But there are also many other things which caught our attention too, Anwar Ibrahim is being charged, the Maybank investment saga. There is one big news for all of us is the drop of crude oil price to below USD120 a barrel to a level we last saw sometimes 6 months ago. Are we going to enjoy some reduction of petrol price at the stand. I’m sure we going to enjoy at least 30 sen reduction by September 1. The government has the oil rebate to millions of Malaysians, so are we still going to have the rebate until March next year as promised. 

So what lies ahead? Are going to have another safe sailing for the rest of the year and start to feel relax now. The Dow Jones index has shown some improvement with many positive data in the US like the ending sign of the sub prime crisis and also the declining oil price which is a good sign to boost the economy. The regional market are not doing too bad either, with Japan and Hang Seng are all followed the movement at the Wall Street. In Malaysia we had a setback because of the decline of palm oil price. 

It is just too early to say that we are already out of the tunnel. many business owner still think that there are still hard times ahead of us, there are too many uncertainties. 


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