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August 26 is Permatang Pauh By Election

At last the day we have been waiting for, the by election for Permatang Pauh will see Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim making a comeback as PKR candidate. This by election are we going to see any surprise, in fact there can be a lot of surprises that we expect to see. Will UMNO field any candidate this time or will UMNO able to gain back voter’s confidence and take back Permatang Pauh which is a stronghold of Anwar Ibrahim.

It is not a news anymore that Anwar Ibrahim is going to be charged in court tomorrow and how is this going to affect his intention to stand as PKR candidate for Permatang Pauh. How will the court ruling going to affect his position as a candidate? This are the question that play in most Malaysian mind now. 

Permatang Pauh should be no problem for Anwar and even if he had not chosen Permatang Pauh, other places will not be that hard either. Since the recent political tsunami, Anwar and the Barisan Alternatif has gained the Malaysian support more and more by the day. People will like to see Anwar return back to the Dewan Rakyat again. 

So what will happen after this. We will see Anwar contest at Permatang Pauh but what happen after that is something that is going to be another new episode in Malaysian politics. Will he be the next PM….time will tell………

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One thought on “August 26 is Permatang Pauh By Election

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