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Are we still relevant?

Penang Bridge taken with Canon 400D

One of the most controversial little word people like to use nowadays is relevant. Are we still relevant? Do we still need to be around here? In business we must change to the current environment in order to be relevant. In fact our national car Proton was asked to venture into new technology hybrid car manufacturing in order to be relevant in the market. Otherwise we will just left behind in our past.

In life people can be no longer relevant too. For example some veteran politicians are consider to be not relevant anymore after they failed to bring any changes to the country after in the service for so many years. In such cases it is better just to leave the field when you feel that you no longer relevant at your current position.

People need changes but few people willing to change. In fact we see so many bad things going on around this country and even in our neighborhood  and sometimes wonder how nice things could be if everybody starts to think for the better. Now it is time to get rid those things which are not relevant and adapt to the new changes.

We may see some drastic changes in our country very soon. People learned that things in the past may not be relevant to them anymore although those things may have been their bread and butter in the past. They might want something different. The only to achieve this is by changes and never be afraid to do so.

So are we relevant or is our job relevant, it is time to ask ourselves. Why are we still in our old position as yesterday, maybe we still live in our yesterday dream. It’s time to look forward for something new……

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