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August 08

It is the month of August again and many will soon start to get panic as we will soon left will too little months for us to accomplish our year target. It seem like yesterday since I changed my table calender to the new year 2008 and now more than half of the calender pages has gone. August will be very fast gone and bye. With so many exciting things in August we will tend to forget what are some of those more important thing in our lives. Yes, the Olympic game will surely fill our precious time, we will be glued to our TV sets and read endless newspaper headlines for our favorite sports and events. 

Will we see some changes at the later part of the year or we yet to see the worse. None have the answers right now, for no one can predict no matter how good the numbers and figures that we have. In the recent days, we saw some decline in the oil price which is what we have been hoping for. Still oil is the main thing now to make the world go round, people moving around their daily lives. The questions lies now is the price going to come down some more or this is a just a minor breather so that people start to forget on the pain and soon the episode of the high oil price will remain just another memory for all. In fact this is how it has been going on for decades, people forget and of course who can blame them, there in no meaning to remember those hard time, but to move ahead with life.

A few of my past post I wrote on recession. Is the recession coming? On contrary to that last week there some reports saying that the current sub prime crisis is about to end and also the end of the current recession. I’m still not too sure if we are in recession yet or out of it yet. I think we are, if not why are we haring so many things about recession nowadays, its in everybody’s diaries probably. Are the worse is over, probably not. I received a very unpleasant email last week, saying that many multinational companies are going to close their operation due to unprofitable business, which is apparently due to the current high commodity price and recession. Many workers will be forced to be out of job. Some say that nothing is safe in this world anymore in terms of job security. Big banks in the US has been forced to close recently and it sure can happen to smaller companies in Malaysia.

There will be a crisis and we need to counter them smartly. After all we have been to one of the biggest crisis 10 years ago and we should be able to get out from this one too. 

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