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Are we slaves to our work?

I went to a seminar last Friday and one statement that caught my attention was are we slaves to our work. In these modern days slavery is a crime although it was practice throughout the world for few thousands of years. So are we a slave to our work and most people out there will say yes. In modern days we get paid for our work and will never get rich even if we work for the rest of our life. Our pay will just enough to pay for our “needs” although now in modern days the “needs” maybe the mortgage we have to pay, our car, our children educations, bills to pay. Our salaries are barely enough to cover all these “needs” and if we do not turn to work tomorrow then the big question come, who is going to pay for the bills.

The next morning we wake up early in the morning and without any choice we go to work for the rest of the day until the sun set down before we are allow to go back home. We have no control on our life and let our work decide what we need to do. In other term we are actually slaves to our work.

How can we overcome this. This may not easy and not for everyone to do. The rules of the 80-20 clearly says that only those of the 20% will succeed and the rest of the 80% will remain there feeding the 20%. This is very true and most people let this happen.

However there are top gurus who have taught us some option in order to get out from this mess. I read a lot of Robert Kiyosaki’s books and he pointed out that in order to be financial freed is to do business and particularly real estates. This is very true as we know the real estates prices in big cities have made some real estate owners an overnight millionaires. But we all know that investing in real estates need a lot of money and how Robert did it without any money is something that need a real talent to do so. 

Conventional business also requires a lot of capital but we also ended up being slaves to ourselves but at least we still have the chance to become rich instead of making our employer richer. But we are really lucky that there are business out there that can be own by anyone of us with minimum capital and minimum risk. There are called the multi level marketing or network marketing. 

No I am not promoting any multi level marketing here but to share some of the ways to get from the rat race and take control of our life. I will put some of the example in my future post

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