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Mission Statement

My last post I said that I will followup with another topic about mission statement and in fact today there are a lot of things in mind that I wanted to put them first, but I decided to hold it back first. Many of us do not have a mission statement of know what are mission statement at least a statement for our own mission. We can probably write few mission statement if it is about some project in the company and some can even proudly accomplished their project with flying colors. Why is it so hard to make a mission statement? Are we too embarrass if we happen to fail during the course of our mission or we are not taking serious enough of things that involve us personally.

What are mission statement? Every new year everybody will be busy trying to think of their new year resolution. A new year resolution is something similar to mission statement. A simple statement can look like this, I will lose 10 kg in 3 months time. You must have a target figure and a time frame. Of course it must be well realistic and within your capabilities. Unlike a new year resolution you can have a time frame of few years, like I will become a CEO in 5 years time or become the prime minister before I reach 40.

It is important to have a mission statement for us to keep track where are we in our mission. Sometimes we never get off that starting line yet but if we have a solid mission statement we will force ourselves to move ahead. That is why it needed to be written, submit to your boss or someone you want to witness if your mission is accomplished or not. You can hang it on the wall or you bathroom mirror so that when you wake up, you will be greeted with your mission and start the day with a great desire for your mission.

It is nothing to be ashamed off if we failed in our mission. Actually in any mission I don’t believe that there is a complete failure. The important thing is you have tried enough within your capabilities. But if you are a capable person and did not even try to achieve something in life, that is more of a failure even if you feel that you did not fail because simply you did not try or get off the starting line. And of course we can never measure success to how many percentage we achieve but I believe that one day after we finished that race and looking back we know that we have achieve so much during the journey we have gone through to get there, no matter if we failed or succeed. But I’m sure there will be a smiling face on our face telling ourselves that I have been there. And that is all success is all about.

So we have to act now and get our mission statement back in track. As for me my mission is be able to quit my 9-5 job in 2 years and become a freelance investment consultants. Maybe in the past my seriousness in my statement was not that strong, maybe it will change from now on.



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  1. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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