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Be Strong

There are every reason why we need to be strong. Is there something we need to be afraid of. If we really put this question to ourselves there is no reason for us to be afraid, for every test and trials are just part of of life that we need to get through with. I like the saying no locksmith ever make a lock without the key, so there must be an answer for every problems, probably many answers.

Last week I learned some powerful words saying that If God is for us who is against us. It made me so strong again and ready to face anything that comes my way. Sometimes we forgot that we are our biggest gift from God, we ourselves and the time we have on earth to make full use of God’s gift for us. We often thought that the gifts are in other forms like physical wealth and money. But the truth is those are never enough, it will never be enough because it can never match what God’s biggest gift for us. But sadly most of us never realized that. 

Once some asked me, how successful am I. Have i reached 80% of 90% of being success. Obviously the question is about how rich am I. I am not rich but I felt funny by such a question. How could a person measure how successful a person is by percentage, even the richest man in the world will not regard himself as 99% or 100%. There can never be an ending for it. That come to the question of living in abundance life. What is abundance life? In simple English it just mean that life of fullness, not 99% or 99.99% full, but life that has everything. Needless to say that this cannot be achieve by any human on earth, there will be times when there are some shortage on something in our life. 

But if we really look for our propose if life we maybe able to achieve something close to it. To know ourselves is the best step to start with and to seek God’s guidance and assistance is probably the best way. Maybe its time we look at something else rather than our bank account. Its time to do something better for the world and to start with do something that is around us. Since most of us are very familiar with bank account, let assume that life is just like a bank account, the more we put into it, the more return we get, likewise the more we take from it the more interest we need to pay. So it is all the same as in the rule of the universe that we must do good thing in life and bad thing we eventually hit us back twice or more.

So if we know that God is for us, there is no reason to be afraid, because who is against us. Let us look back and think for a minute. Be strong and have confidence. In my nest post I will write something about mission statement. Everybody need a mission statement in their life. Till then.


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