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The Biggest Scam

Scams are everywhere nowadays and not surprise that there are many people who fell victims to these scams. What are scam? Scam or fraud are new words to many and many actually learned these words during this internet era. Maybe there are lot of scams involving internet transactions as the internet is an easy media to get to the people. Nevertheless there are scams through telephones or sms. But there are also scam out there where we ourselves are facing everyday. In fact we let it happen to us, at least to some of us. And the more we run away from this scams we found ourselves ended up in a bigger one.

The scam I’m talking about is the idea of being employee. Why is it a scam? Simple enough an employee works very hard while the employer will get more richer. But that is how the world works. It has been this way for centuries and people are actually preparing themselves to be part the system. We went to school as early as 4-5 years old to learn the basic of education, to learn ABC and count 123. Then we were taught that education is very important in our life so that with good education we can go to universities and get a degree. With a good education and a degree certifies that we are a capable person and some employer are readily happy to take us working for them.

But we can see there are some big changes lately. Many of the younger generation are opting to do business or to do something of their dreams. They no longer see of being an engineer is a big kind of career and some even certified engineer has gave up their career background to venture into something that are more interesting and of course worth to take. 

The internet era has brought a lot of changes in the last few years, the same thing during the industrial revolution in the early of the last century. We can expect even more major changes to come. Whether we like it or not things going to change. 10 years ago it will be okay if we don’t have a cellphone in our pocket, now if will be impossible for someone even if they don’t carry a laptop with them. We can call that the internet era but one thing for sure it will be bring more changes in life that what we can expect.

So back to the question, are we in the scam, maybe yes, because our lives revolves around it everyday, whether if we are employed or in business, but we have one thing in common that we are always the victim to things around us. If we are happy, then it is a credit for us. But for some they are just still looking for the answer and the more they look the bigger scam they see for which many of us failed to notice.


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