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When we were sleeping

Every morning when get out of bed, what is the first thing in our mind. Some of us may feel energetic, some may feel buy to feel energetic sending their kids to school while some just cry that it is just another day that we need to go through. But we tend to forget that another day is happen to be one of the precious day in our life. If we let is pass, then we are losing something that we can never get it back. No one can buy back yesterday but we have the chance to make the full good use of it.

Why do we feel that our day is not so important? The simple answer to this is we are not motivated or simply we already knew what we are going to do, people we meet, things that going to happen throughout the day. For some they already knew for the few coming years to come. If those events are something that we like, we will feel happy about them and look forward to every moment for those moment to come. If those are something that we do not enjoy having, then everything will look so boring and dull.

When we were children, things look very simple but each day we expect some kind of excitement to happen. We expect new friend, new things to learn, new toys and many more. But as we grow up, things are different and we are forced to do something that we do not like. That is why many people wake up in the morning feeling lousy and hoping that they do not have to face the day.

I read an article today about why people hate their current situation. Simply because they do not like what they are doing. They do not have passion for what they do. Loving what we do is important which will guarantee us to be successful in what we are doing. Some people got attracted to the pay or the position they have in a company but have less passion for the job. After a while they will be in the same situation wondering what they are doing with their life. They miss the part that is to go for their dream.


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