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Today I decided to write my first post in this blog. With so many blogs in the cyber world, it is just so exciting to add to the number and hope that this blog will receive a lot of traffics. To write something is not easy. You need to know what you need to write and what people like to read. Often these setbacks prevent me from writing and at one time my blog was not updated for months.

There are many established bloggers in Malaysia who write so many good stuffs and some are actually become some kind of celebrities. Most of the popular blogs are those from political driven post where people often come to read about the latest political development in Malaysia.

I am not one of those who like to read political issues. Nor that I like to read about celebrities. Most of the posts of my other blogs are about my activities among my friends and things that are happening in the world of golf.

Photography is also my other passion and I try to find time where I can take some nice photos and put them here in this blog. I am using an entry level Canon 400D with a normal lense which I hope to upgrade in the near future.

The photo here is something  that I took from an airplane and it was one of the moment that you really want to capture in your lense. Although it is not perfect, but I managed to capture it at the exact moment of time. It reminded me some years ago when digital camera has yet to exist and it was the peak of the hazy season in Malaysia. I was on a plane from Penang to KL at about the sun just to set. Because of the haze and the setting sun, the colors of the sky was so magnificiently orange and it is just something that you cannot see everyday in your life. I wonder if I ever see the same sight again. Now I make it a point to bring a compact camera with me whereever I go and take anything that comes interesting to my mind. I will put more photos and pictures in future and I hope you will like this one.


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